Problems with LNE100TX

Bryan Stillwell
Fri Sep 17 01:33:06 1999

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Bryan Stillwell wrote:
> > It looks like the time before I didn't do an 'insmod pci-netif.o' before
> > the 'insmod tulip.o', but when I do do this I still get an error message.
> > The message is 'tulip.o: unresolved symbol pci_drv_unregister'.  The
> Doh!
> I didn't do a EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS(pci_drv_unregister)
> I didn't catch this before because it only matters with some kernel versions
> combined with some module options.
> Now fixed.

That did the trick!  Thanks a ton!!!  It even works quite a bit better
than the Windoze driver does!  Yes!  I'm going to test it for the couple
of weeks to see if I want to buy more of these babies at only $20 a
piece.  :)