Istvan Marko
Thu Sep 16 18:28:06 1999

Donald Becker <> writes:

> On 16 Sep 1999, Istvan Marko wrote:
> > Our vendor has just surprised us with an ANA-62044 instead of the
> > trusty old ANA-6944. Is anyone familiar with this card? Should we just
> > return it or is there any hope for it?
> Ask Adaptec -- they now claim to support Linux.
> Report their answer here for our amusement.

Heh, why didn't I think of that ;-/

> Then get starfire.c from
> or

Donald, is there a network card you haven't yet written a driver for?
The work you put into this stuff truly amazes me. You just keep
churning out one high quality driver after the other.

The starfire driver works great so far, using ttcp I got 11450KB/sec
between the ANA-62044 and an EEpro-100, I could just smell the wires


PS: Is there a more appropriate forum for starfire users? The page
mentioned in starfire.c
( doesn't seem
to exist.