Bizarre tulip behavior

Sami Yousif
Fri Sep 10 22:13:05 1999

Jonathan French wrote:

> I have a HP Pavilion 4550z - Celeron type machine, and a Linksys 10/100
> LAN card which works under windows but not RH6.0 or a little Linux
> distro called LRP (Linux Router Project).  I freed up all of my IRQs
> from my serial & parallel ports in BIOS, to be certain that there are
> several free.  I even pulled the silly Winmodem/soundcard.
>         Under RH, I ran tulip-diag, which reported thay my NIC can't get a
> valid IRQ (although it does get the right memory location).  I ran the
> version of tulip.o that came with RH, as well as the latest 0.91g, with
> no success.  LRP, which uses a 1998 version of tulip, reports that it is
> trying to use IRQ 255, and fails.
>         Under RH, ifconfig -a does report the eth0, and I can ping the local
> address, but when a route is requested, it fails with an "Network
> Unavailable" or something like that.
>         I can only figure that the computer has the problem, not the card or
> the driver.  The BIOS can only reserve IRQs for ISA devices, so that
> won't help.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
>         Thanks,
>         Jonathan French

[I know this answer may sound a little confusing... there are several versions
of the card so it depends on which version you have... read the whole

may have some hints.... (try setting the pnp setting to off)

is linksys's "official" blurb on the matter....

does the machine have a scsi card? is it assigning the same IRQ to different
devices (like scsi and ethernet even though there are free irqs)?

on a related note, linksys may have a modified tulip driver... which exact
version of the card do you have? The linksys page mentioned above states that
there is a modified driver on "disk2" if you have the wake on lan version of the
card. The following link has links to driver disks... (not all have a linux
driver included since the standard driver should work with them)

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