Olicom RapidFire 2327 NIC w/ DEC 21143

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Thu Sep 2 23:06:54 1999

Unless someone else on the list knows about a specific problem with this card, you need to give abit more info. like, output from 'ifconfig' and 'route'.

you can't rmmod the device while the interface is up. do 'ifconfig eth0 down'
then you should be able to remove the device. or on redhat 'ifdown eth0' either will work.

also have a look at the options you can pass to the module..

also grab the diagnostics prog from: http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/diag/tulip-diag.c

compile that, the instructions are in the last few lines of the code..  then run it and send the info back with the other stuff...

root [root@jeff.home.net] wrote:
> I'm running RH 6 on a Pentium 3, any I'm trying to get a Olicom RapidFire
> 2327 NIC to work RedHat auto-detects this card and loads the tulip driver 
> without any problems, and the device if ifconfig'd and turns into eth0.
> That is as far as you get, after that no traffic will go through the card,
> and it constantly sends out some kind of signal because my hub activity light
> goes on and stays blinking pretty consistently (due to this card), and when you try
> to unload the driver (rmmod) it says device busy. 
> The card has a single twisted-pair port.
> Any insights into how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
> In the mean time I'll try to add a card descriptor entry for the 
> card.  Thank's for your help!
> Patrick Marks
> mmarks@interlog.com

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