eth0 transmit timed out

Nathan Anderson
Thu Oct 28 02:35:32 1999

Donald Becker wrote:
> What driver version? You should be using v0.91g or later with the Macronix
> chips.

Is there anything "better" about 0.91g vs. less-than 0.91g ('till about
0.90) with regard to Macronix support?  I'm using 0.90 (10/20/98) with
my 98713 cards (SVEC) and it works like a charm.  What a great Tulip
clone! (Or maybe I just haven't stressed it enough yet. *grin*)

I thought that the "duplicate packets" problem was fixed in 0.90 (it
fixed it for me, at least).  Were there other issues with Macronix that
popped up after this was fixed?




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