trouble with mismatched network

Kirk Reiser
Mon Oct 25 11:50:40 1999

Hi Folks:  I was wondering if someone might be able to give me a hand
with a network problem I am having.

I have a linux box acting as a server and gateway between a Windows
LAN and a Cisco 675 router to the internet through an adsl connection.

Although the LAN has 10/100 cards in all the boxes, the hub is a
10-base-T 24 port hub.  What happens is when the linux box boots it
notices that the LAN is 10-base-T and drops into half duplex.  On the
other side it goes into full duplex to the router.  The problem I am
having is that none of the Windows boxes can transfer files larger
than about 10k to the linux box before timing out.  The linux box can
transfer files to the windows boxes no problem.

Does any one have any idea how I can make the network work smoothly.  I am
using NetGear FA310 TX cards in all of the systems and I am using
v0.91g of the tulip driver.  The chip is recognized as a Lite-On

If I set the router side down to half duplex would it clear up this
problem?  If so, how would I do that.  Any other suggestions would
certainly be appreciated.