DEC 21143 and 10/100Mbps autoprobe

Ed Troy
Mon Oct 25 09:31:37 1999

At 11:17 AM 10/25/99 +0200, you wrote:
It seems that the tulip.c driver included in linux 2.2.12 and the latest one
don't find
the faster speed. My board stay at 10Mbs with a 10/100Mbps HUB.

I don't know if the full duplex negotiation is properly implemented too.

Patrick LERDA
Yes, I think you may be correct, because I did not explicitly set the speed 
to 100 MBPS; it just came up that way every time I booted. I tried both the 
Tulip driver that came with Redhat 6.0, and, later, I compiled the latest 
version and ran that. I could only get it to work at 10 MBPS after I 
explicitly added that option, where, previously there was no option. I did 
not spend a lot of time going through the source code, but it seems that it 
wants to come up in 100 MBPS by default, which is, I suspect, the way most 
people use the card. (I'll use it that way, too, once I upgrade my hub, 
since all of my cards are now 100 MBPS.


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