Problem with full duplex and Accton EN-1207

Claude Frantz
Fri Oct 22 01:32:44 1999

On Thu, Oct 21, 1999 at 06:09:55PM +0200, Gerhard Wiesinger allegedly
> Hello!
> I just upgraded from a direct connection (crossover cable without any problems)
> to a 8 port switch (Surecom EP-808X-A). The problem is that full duplex
> doesn't work under Linux
> (and Windows NT too).
> Ethernet adapter are Accton EN-1207 (WITHOUT B,C,D,TX,..., the one with the
> 10BASE2 interface).
> There are two EN-1207 in the Linux machine and one in the NT machine.
> /etc/conf.modules looks like:
> options tulip options=0x33,0x2C
> (so 0x33 are relevant)
> eth0 should be 100BASETX on the switch with full duplex and I've forced it on
> the tulip driver. But the switch doesn't recognize the full duplex mode.
> (On the NT machine 100BASETX fullduplex is forced too and it doesn't
> work too).
> So both haven't set full duplex and collisions and worse network performance 
> occour.
> (eth1 is 10BASET without full duplex and any problems)
> tulip.c is 0.90 or 0.91 (without any letter).
> Any ideas?

Those Accton cards are based on 21140/21141 chipsets. I seem to recall
about those chipsets not being able to do media negotiation. You are
forcing the
cards to use 100baseTX-FD, but your switch doesn't know that (it
probably want's
to do NWay media negotiation). Isn't there some way to force your switch
put a 100baseTX-FD signal on a certain port?

Note: this is all from memory. Question is, how good is my memory :)