Problem with full duplex and Accton EN-1207

Donald Becker
Fri Oct 22 00:05:28 1999

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Gerhard Wiesinger wrote:

> I just upgraded from a direct connection (crossover cable without any problems)
> to a 8 port switch (Surecom EP-808X-A). The problem is that full duplex
> doesn't work under Linux
> (and Windows NT too).
> Ethernet adapter are Accton EN-1207 (WITHOUT B,C,D,TX,..., the one with the
> 10BASE2 interface).

What is the detection message?

> There are two EN-1207 in the Linux machine and one in the NT machine.
> /etc/conf.modules looks like:
> options tulip options=0x33,0x2C

Don't force full duplex or the media type unless you are certain you need
to. You should only need to force full duplex when talking to an old switch.

Forcing full duplex *must* turn off autonegotiation, so the remote end
doesn't know to switch to full duplex.

> (On the NT machine 100BASETX fullduplex is forced too and it doesn't
> work too).

It wouldn't -- there isn't any way around switching off autonegotiation when
forcing the 100baseTx or full duplex.

Donald Becker
Scyld Computing Corporation, and