Kernel panic on linuxppc

Ert Dredge
Mon Nov 29 03:33:05 1999


I've spent the last few weeks trying to get a Kingston KNE110TX PCI
ethernet card recognized by PowerPC linux running on a Macintosh 7500.  A
posting on the linuxppc user mailing list in September indicated that some
people have been able to get this card working using the tulip driver from, so I downloaded it
and tried to see what I could do.

The compile goes mostly OK (I get a few warnings about conflicting types in
string.h), but while 'insmod pci-netif' seems to succeed, 'insmod tulip'
panics my kernel (2.2.6) every time.

Giving up on that, I tried to compile the driver into a new kernel, and
while the kernel works, ifconfig still complains that there's no such

So now I'm here asking if anyone has any thoughts.  Being a kernel hacker
not at all, I'm at a loss as to what to do with the panic screen output,
how to query my kernel to see if I really did compile in the tulip driver,

- Ert Dredge