Looking for NIC Recommendations

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Mon Nov 1 18:26:22 1999

I asked the same question not long ago, and got rather vauge response.
Check to see what cards are available in your local area.  Look for
something with a tulip chipset. avoid the via rhine chipset.  Intel are now
producing the tulip chips, they require the latest tulip.c from Donalds
site. the chip model is something like 21143 rev E. 

I found D-Link products to be the easiest to get here were I live.
Although alot of other people on the list mention Kingston, and other brands
quite frequently.

I haven't really been able to get anyone to say which chipset is the best,
although many have there personal favourites.  Maybe Donald is the most
qualified to state something like this...

Mike Brodbelt [m.brodbelt@acu.ac.uk] wrote:
> Hi,
> We've recently upgraded our network from thin ethernet to a switched
> 10/100baseT infrastructure. I'm now in the market for a few ethernet
> cards for my Linux servers. I'd like a card that would support 10/100
> and media type autonegotiation, full duplex operation, and is well
> supported under Linux. 
> I've always had good experience with Tulip type cards in the past, so
> I'm very tempted to just go with a decent tulip supported card. Does
> anyone have any good/bad stories to tell me, and what cards do people
> recommend?
> TIA,
> Mike.

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