MX 98715 AEC

Mon Nov 1 18:14:41 1999

By the way, here is what 98715app.pdf (from, Appendix A
(EEPROM Format) says:

00-19 Reserved
1a Magic Packet ID Byte0
1b Magic Packet ID Byte1
1c Magic Packet ID Byte2
1d Magic Packet ID Byte3
1e-39 Reserved
3a Magic Packet ID Byte4
3b Magic Packet ID Byte5
3c-59 Reserved
5a LSB of Sub-Device ID
5b MSB of Sub-Device ID
5c LSB of Sub-Vendor ID
5d MSB of Sub-Vendor ID
5e-6f Reserved
70 Network ID index: to indicates the starting address of Network ID in
length of continuous 6 bytes. The content of this field could be in the
range of 00-04h, or 10-14h, or 21-24h, or 31-34h
71-76 Reserved, and should be set to 0
77 LED option: The content of this field will be read by driver for LED
Bit0:CSR9 Bit 28; LED0SEL
Bit1:CSR9 Bit 29; LED1SEL
78-79 Reserved, and should be set to 0
7a LSB of Device ID
7b MSB of Device ID
7c LSB of Vendor ID
7d MSB of Vendor ID
7e-7f Reserved, and should be set to 0

So there is no media type field in the EEPROM? Then maybe this 10baseT
doesn't mean anything, and the card is really in autosense mode?

Rick, you said you've used these cards and autoconfiguration works. Say, if
the cables are unplugged, does the driver say it's 10baseT? And what if
they are plugged in?

Thanks for your concern:
    Stoyan :-)