Ansel Card

Ing. Fernando Paredes Borja
Thu May 27 23:29:46 1999

Heya everyone.

I'm new to this mailing list...well, here's the problem:

I got an Ansel 10/100TX card that doesn't work with Linux. I've repeatedly tried to send them 
questions about the card to their tech support address, but, you guessed it, they don't answer. On 
their homepage, they claim the card has the DEC21x40 chipset and even direct you to the Tulip 
homepage. I downloaded the driver source and comiled it, but when I tried loading it, I get a 
"Module init failed: Device busy or <something I don't remember right now>"
Have any of you ever gotten an Ansel 10/100TX card to work with Linux?

Thanks in advance


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