BUG? Driver doesn't work with Presario 56xx on-borad 21143 Ethernet

Sergey Dmitriev dmit@sfgate.com
Thu May 27 17:09:31 1999

I've tried both 0.89 and 0.91 versions of Tulip driver with mine Presario
5686 on-board 21143 ethernet. But it's looks like it doesn't work.
This card doesn't have MII transciever and using in-chip one.
Windows 98 is working with it just fine. :(
I guess, everybody with Compaq Presario will have the same problem.
Is anybody has idea how to fix it?

P.S. don't ask me to use another card :) I haven't  free PCI slots in my
computer and forced to use built-in Ethernet

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