Kingston QC blows

Stephan Bauer
Wed May 26 18:58:09 1999


I'm using the products of

The cards based on the Dec chip are running without any
They include the tulip driver in their driver disk.


Stephan Bauer

Liem Bahneman schrieb:
> In my quest to continue purchasing non-clone tulip-based boards I came
> across the Kingston KNE100TX board. A nice board, the first batch of 10 or
> so we got worked great. Then they came out with the KNE110TX which has the
> lite-on chip. Well, I still managed to find a batch of 20 or so
> KNE100TX's, but man what a poor bunch these were. 10 out of the 20 either
> were DOA or died within 3 days of use!
> So, I'm pretty much giving up on them, I thought I managed to find one
> more board that had not been discontinued for the clones..
> So what are my options now? Who still makes tulip-based 10/100 boards in
> quantity?
> thanks,
> - liem
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