Kingston QC blows

Liem Bahneman
Tue May 25 18:48:09 1999

In my quest to continue purchasing non-clone tulip-based boards I came
across the Kingston KNE100TX board. A nice board, the first batch of 10 or
so we got worked great. Then they came out with the KNE110TX which has the
lite-on chip. Well, I still managed to find a batch of 20 or so
KNE100TX's, but man what a poor bunch these were. 10 out of the 20 either
were DOA or died within 3 days of use! 

So, I'm pretty much giving up on them, I thought I managed to find one
more board that had not been discontinued for the clones..

So what are my options now? Who still makes tulip-based 10/100 boards in


- liem

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