D-Link DFE 570-TX

Tim Dixon dixon@webwork.co.uk
Wed May 19 11:52:35 1999

Partly to answer my own previous question, since no-one else seems to know
anything about this device...

I managed to get some documentation from the D-Link France site, and it does
appear to be a
tulip-based 4-port card. The price in the UK is about GBP160 (USD 250) which
makes it a good bit cheaper than the Adaptec/Cogent part (at least here).

D-Link only support this card under NT (where they provide driver-level
load-sharing and failover for
cluster applications). So far they've failed to respond to any enquiries
about Linux support.

Still, seems like a good chance the Tulip driver might work. Anyone in a
position to try it? I doubt if
D-Link is going to loan me one...

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