Fw: My NIC. - thanks for the tip

William Lee william@asix.com.tw
Sun May 16 21:27:31 1999

Hello, Mr..Becker

Have you ever been told about the situation.
Carl said that the tulip driver can't be waked without any active transmit.
What's the problem it will be?
Could it be a Chip -- AX88140/AX88141 -- problem?


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From: Carl-Johan Sveningsson <woc@wlug.westbo.se>
To: William Lee <william@asix.com.tw>; Greg Ingram <ingram@symsys.com>
Date: Sun May 16 21:27:31 1999
Subject: Re: My NIC. - thanks for the tip

>Thanks a million, both of you. I didn't realise the fresher version of
>tulip.c would work with my card, but it seem that it does.
>Although, I still seem to be having problems with the card "falling
>asleep" when not used, and needs to be waked by a call from the inside
>(i.e., a ping from the outside won't do). Anyway, that can be solved
>either by having a ping running all the time from this computer, or put
>something like it in the crontab.
>Someone suggested that this was a BIOS IRQ-issue, and I might check that
>out. I guess the card isn't supposed to fall asleep. :-)
>By the way, I wanna mention that my parents were...amazed about that I
>didn't have a clue about where you guys live. :-) Hi, I'm from Sweden,
>where are you from?
>Thanks for your time, suggestions and help.
>Carl-Johan Sveningsson
>On Fri, 14 May 1999, William Lee wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Donald Becker's tulip.c is your another choice. you may try
>> http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/tulip.html
>> By the way, I think it's the compatibility issue between the driver
>> and the kernel.
>> Or you may ask Becker for some comments.
>On Thu, 13 May 1999, Greg Ingram wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Remember, all I really did was fix some 2.0-isms in William's driver so
>> would compile and run under 2.2.  I don't know the gutty details of how
>> the driver actually works.  Alan Cox responded to my post to
>> that v0.90 of Donald Becker's tulip.c would run these cards.  (It may be
>> included in the latest kernels or you can get it from his site as listed
>> in the source.)
>> However, I did see some ARP problems with my card and the Tulip driver
>> that didn't seem to appear with the ax88140 driver.  I've since moved
>> ASIX card into a Win98 machine.  Oh, and I only run at 10Mb/s.  :-(
>> Anyway, I'd suggest you try the Tulip driver before anything else.
>> Good luck,
>> - Greg Ingram
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