Netgear FA310TX -D1 RH 6 -Update

Brian Denheyer
Wed May 12 22:19:46 1999

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Nelson <> writes:

  Paul> I solved the problem for now at least by installing the older
  Paul> version of the Netgear card with a genuine Digital chip (c6).

  Paul> This solved the problem.  I would like to know how to get the
  Paul> newer cards working as the Netgear D1 cards are readily
  Paul> available and are now often found for close to $20.

You may not be doing anything wrong.  All of those #%#%! companies
keep taking the DEC chip, cloning it and then breaking compatibility.
It's very %#%@~! annoying.

You probably want to put the newer card back in and then try out some
 of the tulip diagnostic programs from the tulip development site.

More than likely the %#%! netgear people have changed the driver IC.
The knuckleheads @ samsung had a perfectly good, perfectly cheap card
- the sc1200-tx.  Then they rev'ed it to the 1200-atx, probably to
save 0.10 on the card with a custom IC and poof ! it broke.

It's _really_ annoying.

Brian "the really annoyed with custom NIC driver IC designs"

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