Netgear FA310TX -D1 RH 6 -Update

David S. Lerner (Dave)
Wed May 12 21:09:56 1999

On Wed, 12 May 1999, Paul Nelson wrote:

> Hello Again,
> I solved the problem for now at least by installing the older version of the
> Netgear card with a genuine Digital chip (c6).
> This solved the problem.  I would like to know how to get the newer cards
> working as the Netgear D1 cards are readily available and are now often
> found for close to $20.

I have no problem with the Netgear D1 revision and Red Hat 6.0 as
installed. However, I am not running SMP on this box.

The Netgear FA310TX (Rev D1) has also worked well with all of the recent
expermintal versions of the tulip driver. I would suggest upgrading the
kernel to 2.2.8 and using Donald Becker's current experimental driver in
the hope that the SMP problems will have been resolved be fixes in the
kernel, or in the driver.