Tulip driver doesn't work with 2.2

Hal Murray murray@pa.dec.com
Wed Jun 23 21:27:29 1999

> This is simply false. I have at last count, five machine in the office
> I'm in working fine with 2.2.x kernels, tulip (netgear) NICs, some clone
> ...

There is something fishy going on.  It would be pretty easy to conclude 
"doesn't work" if the particular setup you are trying to use is one 
of the unlucky ones. 

My batting average is 2 out of 4:

  OK:  21140 DE500-AA  in Deskpro/EP (400 MHz Celeron)
  bad: 21143 DE500-BA  in Deskpro/EP (400 MHz Celeron)
  OK:  21143 DE500-BA  in Deskpro/EN (450 MHz P-II)
  bad: 21143 (builtin) in Alpha 600au (Miata)

The cases that work have worked fine. 

For the others, "useless" really is the right word.  It may be something 
simple, but I haven't found the secret.

> I'm sorry your having problems with that NIC in that config, but perhaps
> there's an issue with running that NIC under redhat asa module, THAT is
> something I've frequently had a problem with. I can run it fine compiled
> into the kernel, but when it's a module, I often have trouble. 

3 out of 4 of my cases are modules.  2 of those work.

Is this something simple like an unitialized variable?