DFE-500TX Rev-E1 doesn't work with IP-aliasing.

Jakob Sandgren jakob@southpole.se
Wed Jun 9 04:19:11 1999

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 11:13:17PM -0400, David Lerner wrote:
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> Subject:	DFE-500TX Rev-E1 doesn't work with IP-aliasing.
> I previously sent a mail to the "linux-tulip" list about problems with
> the tulip driver and the new DFE-500TX REV-E1 nic. That problem was
> solved by upgrading to v0.91 (4/14/99). It also works with the latest
> driver, "tulip.c:v0.91e 5/27/99". 
> However, none of these version does work with IP-aliasing. This seems
> very strange to me since I guess that the IP aliasing code does not
> involve the nic driver(?).
> [snip] 
> It looks more like a routing problem then a nic-driver problem. But
> everything works fine with the 3c900 nic. 
>   [Dave]  It's hard to see how the low-level driver could cause this
problem. I have no problem with IP aliasing with the 0.91 driver
running Netgear cards on 2 Linux boxes (one serves as a firewall for
the other).

I agree with you. But changing card&driver without making any other
changes solves the problem. Also, the REV-E1 seems do differ from a
"standard" card. It does not work at all with the driver included in
I guess that the ethernet card _driver_ does not even know the _IP_ address of
the host? It's just looking for the rigth MAC-address?