[LRP] Dec Tulip based NICs

Tom Zacharoff tomz@esscor.com
Mon Jul 26 19:26:33 1999

I just bought two Kingston KNE100TX boards with the new 21143 chipset. They
both don't work. I've tried to boot from a dos floppy to use Kinston's own
"Qstart" dos based testing software they ship with it. The most basic test
shows "No Link Pulse Detected". These are connected to a 3COM 4 port 10 base
T hub. I called Kinston's tech support and they said lots of people are
having problems with these newer boards. They are shipping me two cards
based on the older 21140 chipset by Fedex Priority Overnight (P1).

BTW I was just trying to get some good PCI NICs for an ip masquerading
firewall based on the Linux Router Project. If I can't get their own dos
based testing software to show a positive result... that's pretty bad.
Kingston's kicking in with a quick RMA though. It remains to be seen how
well this works out.

Tom Zacharoff
System Administrator
(619) 481-9126 x140