Adaptec ANA6911a not working w/ tulip driver, but works with de driver

Sami Yousif
Mon Jul 26 17:12:49 1999

I have an Adaptec ANA6911a (10/100 TP, 10base2) connected to a 10mb hub.

The card has a tulip (21143) chip in it. (21143-PA / 21-44085-10); The
other prevelant chip on the board is a (DP83840AVCE)

The tulip chip had a sticker on it with:

1633600 D

The card DOES work with the de4x5 driver, and with win9x {but I would
much rather have it working with the tulip driver}:

eth0: DC21143 at 0xec00 (PCI bus 0, device 9), h/w address 00:00:d1:1b:bc:29,
      and requires IRQ10 (provided by PCI BIOS).
de4x5.c:V0.543 1998/12/30

RH 6.0 detects it as a tulip, but the card does not work (link light on
hub stays off). Tried the driver in 6.0, and all the .91 drivers
(including the latest  test driver)

PCI bus /proc/pci shows it as:
Bus  0, device   9, function  0:
    Ethernet controller: DEC DC21142 (rev 33).
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  IRQ 10.  Master Capable. Latency=96.  Min Gnt=20.Max Lat=40.
      I/O at 0xec00 [0xec01].
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe7800000 [0xe7800000].

With the tulip driver it is detected as:

Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: tulip.c:v0.91g 7/16/99
Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: eth0: Digital DS21143 Tulip rev 33 at 0xec00, 00:00:D1:1B:BC:29, IRQ 10.
Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: eth0:  EEPROM default media type Autosense.
Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: eth0:  Index #0 - Media MII (#11) described by a 21142 MII PHY (3) block.
Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: eth0:  Index #1 - Media 10base2 (#1) described by a 21142 Serial PHY (2) block.
Jul 26 14:54:09 teddyr kernel: eth0:  MII transceiver #1 config 3100 status 7849 advertising 0101.

an lspci -d shows:
00:09.0 Ethernet controller: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21142/43 (rev 21)
        Subsystem: Unknown device 1109:2b00
        Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 64, IRQ 10
        I/O ports at ec00
        Memory at e7800000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable)

a tulip-diag -a -e -m shows:
tulip-diag.c:v1.10 4/12/99 Donald Becker (
Index #1: Found a Digital DS21143 Tulip adapter at 0xec00.
Digital DS21143 Tulip chip registers at 0xec00:
  ffa08000 ffffffff ffffffff 00f6f810 00f6fa10 f0000102 b20e0000 f3fe0000
  e0000000 fff583ff ffffffff fffe0000 000000c6 ffff0000 fff80000 8ffd0006
 Port selection is MII, half-duplex.
 Transmit stopped, Receive stopped, half-duplex.
  The Rx process state is 'Stopped'.
  The Tx process state is 'Stopped'.
  The transmit threshold is 128.
Ethernet MAC Station Address 00:00:D1:1B:BC:29.
EEPROM transceiver/media description for the Digital DS21143 Tulip chip.
Leaf node at offset 40, default media type 0800 (Autosense).
 2 transceiver description blocks:
  Media MII, block type 3, length 23.
   MII interface PHY 0 (media type 11).
   21143 MII initialization sequence is 2 words: 0821 0000.
   21143 MII reset sequence is 3 words: 0821 0001 0000.
    Media capabilities are 7800, advertising 01e1.
    Full-duplex map 5000, Threshold map 1800.
    No MII interrupt.
   No MII transceivers found!
  Internal autonegotiation state is 'Autonegotiation disabled'.


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