[LRP] Dec Tulip based NICs

Christopher E. Brown cbrown@denalics.net
Mon Jul 26 14:04:47 1999

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Kevin Traas wrote:

> > > I've got a box full of Kingston cards based on 21143's sitting on the
> shelf
> > > collecting dust now....  Waiting for a tulip driver that works with them
> or
> > > something....
> >
> > Switch to the .91 or later driver, and they work find, it is
> > the .89H driver they fail with.
> I left the .89 series drivers behind long ago while in search of something
> that worked....  We'd tried all the 0.90zzzzzzzzzz series versions and the
> 0.91.  All to no avail.  None of them have worked any better...
> However, I haven't tried the very latest updates to 0.91.    I've been too
> frustrated to wok on this any further.

	Then there is somthing else very wrong.  When we started
receiving the new KN100TX units with the 21143-PD I found that the .89
driver does not work.  A simple upgrade to v0.91 fixed everything.  I
now have over 30 of the new cards in production, with a range of
motherboards and BIOS, 2.0.x, 2.1.x and 2.2.x every one fails with
v0.89, and works fine with v0.91.

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