[LRP] Dec Tulip based NICs

Kevin Traas ktraas@netmaster.ca
Mon Jul 26 12:31:31 1999

> > I've got a box full of Kingston cards based on 21143's sitting on the
> > collecting dust now....  Waiting for a tulip driver that works with them
> > something....
> Switch to the .91 or later driver, and they work find, it is
> the .89H driver they fail with.

I left the .89 series drivers behind long ago while in search of something
that worked....  We'd tried all the 0.90zzzzzzzzzz series versions and the
0.91.  All to no avail.  None of them have worked any better...

However, I haven't tried the very latest updates to 0.91.    I've been too
frustrated to wok on this any further.