newbie & help needed

Fri Jul 23 16:30:55 1999

ok, maybe this has been done to death, but I have a
Libretto and a Xircom CardBus CBEM56G-100
10/100 with 56k modem pcmcia card
using linux 2.2.6 (slackware 4.0 from walnut creek cdrom)
I installed pcmcia-cs-3.0.13
I'm using the tulip.c from the website (non-test version)
and I also used the mods from Keith Owens pcmcia-howto v2
it boots up, finds my card, it seems to be all happy
except I get the usual SIO messages saying network unreachable
and also the "cs: socket 0 timed out during reset"

if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

my next ideas are:
1) try the tulip.c test driver
2) upgrade to linux 2.2.9