NDC Sohoware/ Macronix

Dibb, Jim jdibb@clariion.com
Fri Jul 23 07:59:21 1999

I've been watching this list for 2 weeks or so now and haven't seen this
come up yet...

Has anyone successfully gotten the Macronix based 10/100 NDC cards to work.
On my system I have one of these, connected to a 10Mbs hub, and another card
in a Win98 machine on the other end.

The green link light comes on at system power up, then turns off when the
driver loads.  The link light on the hub never lights.  When I get more time
I'll try and get info from the screen, but I'm not at that system now.

It would be nice to know whether someone has gotten it to work though.


James Dibb