Full Duplex Lights

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Wed Jul 21 19:36:21 1999

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Mogens Kjaer [mk@crc.dk] wrote:
> Jason Thomas wrote:
> > 
> > Does anyone have any idea when the state for the full duplex lights will be
> > implemented into the tulip drivers, or if it has already been done and i'm
> > possible doing something wrong.
> > 
> > tulip-diag reports full duplex, but the light on the card does not work.
> > and the through put beetween to 100Mbit fullduplex machines is about a 5th of
> > what it shouldi be.
> Can't you just ignore the LED's? As long as it works? I think the
> explanation is,
> that the LED's are controlled differently on all tulip NIC's, so to make
> them
> work would be a big job.

yes i can ignore them, it was only a query.

> How do you test the speed of the transfers? How fast are the machines?

one machine is P2-450 and the other is AMD K6-2-350 both with D-link DFE500TX
nics and on the same switch witch is a D-link 10/100 autonegotiating switch.
The switch reports full-duplex always, even if the tulip-diag prog say

we transferred a 40MB file using scp. which seems to transfer at about 1MB
sec.  Shouldn't this be around 12MB sec, at 100Mbits.

We also have another switch different model and same result.

> Which switch are the NIC's connected to? Does it autonegotiate full
> duplex?
> Mogens
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