Kingston KNE1x0TX for Beowulf

Scott L. Delinger
Fri Jul 16 14:34:51 1999

(sorry about the cross-post, but it isn't a bug, but not quite an
announcement either)

A question:

I (based on the netperf results rgb posted on ordered
KNE100TX cards for my 17-node Beowulf. The machines are beginning to come
in, and they have been shipped with KNE110TX (PNIC chip). I ran netperf
between two nodes. I'm wondering if I should request that they order the
KNE100TX cards and take these others back (they are willing and groveling
at the moment).

Linux 2.2.10 every node
PentiumIII 500 each node
512 MB RAM each node
Kingston KNE110TX
tulip.c (0.91e)

Switch: (temp while waiting for my Foundry FastIron)
	Asante FriendlyNet FS4004E (4-port) w/ 1-Gbps backplane, in
adaptive cut-through mode, with only these two nodes connected 100BaseTX-FD.

TCP_RR using rgb's command line ( posting):
131070	131070	1	1	59.99	8384.22
131070	131070

TCP_STREAMS using rgb's command line (
131070	131070	40966	60.00	87.52

So, it appears that I've got twice (2.003) times the Transaction Rate /s,
but 93.5% of the throughput. Do you think the throughput would improve with
the Kingston KNE100TX?

Thanks all.

Scott L. Delinger, Ph.D.
Senior System Administrator
Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T6G 2G2