Is this normal?

Max Freedom
Tue Jan 26 22:39:32 1999

When I boot, I see the following:

  The PCI BIOS has not enabled this device!  Updating PCI command
tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98
eth0: Lite-On 82c168 PNIC at 0xfc00, 00 a0 cc 22 14 c0, IRQ 0.
eth0:  MII transceiver found at MDIO address 1, config 3100 status 7829.
eth0:  Advertising 01e1 on PHY 1, previously advertising 01e1.

But netstat -i only shows the loopback interface. I tried 0.90, and it
did the same thing. I also tried increasing the logging level and
specifying the link speed, but that had no noticeable effect. This is a
LinkSys EtherFast under Red Hat 5.2. LinkSys claims this board works
with Linux.

Please help.