Using DE500 cards in a route

Thu Jan 14 21:13:40 1999


I'm researching the possibilities for upgrading our computerclubs router.
It currently uses 4 3Com 3c509. This setup is causing more and more
problems, since these 3Com cards are quite buggy. When pushed really hard,
they start dropping frames like crazy. Especially with a 2.1.x kernel this
can cause delays in network traffic that last several seconds. Not very

I've gotten an offer for several DE500 (21140 & 21143) cards. Since my
loathing of these 3Com cards is reaching dangerous levels, I'm thinking of
replacing them with DE500 cards. Also, we've got an Accton
EN1207-something (the 10/100 mbit card w/ bnc) and it has been performing
rather well.

I'd like to know if using these DE500 cards in a router would make a good
setup. It will probably be a K6-2/333 / 64 MB with Linux and a 2.1.x
kernel We really can't afford to end up with another batch of crappy
cards. Also, should I get the ones with a 21140 or a 21143 chipset?
They're equally priced, about $30. All are new in box with 1 years

Thanks in advance,