Chipsets, tulip?

Bob Drzyzgula
Thu Jan 14 17:51:19 1999

On Thu, Jan 14, 1999 at 12:27:04PM -0500, Nicholas Edwards wrote:
> This may be off topic, but seeing as there is a shortage of decent Tulip
> cards, does anyone know what the Allied Telesyn 2500 uses. I have a 2450
> which uses the AMD PCnet, so I assume that A.T. likes to go with industry
> standard stuff...have they continued this practice, or are they using a
> tulip clone or one of those 100mbit ne2ks?

I have some AT-2560FX cards. They are Rev C. Units from
a little over a year ago. They have Intel chips, marked
S82557/L7104630/SL24Z/(c) 1989 1995. I use them because
I needed to attach some PCs to fiber using SC connectors,
and these were the only thing that fit the bill. This isn't
a performance or Linux application, so I can't speak to their
capabilities in these regards.  I don't know if the
AT-2500TX uses the same or similar chip.


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