A call for Wisecom 21140 Tulip cards (was Re: Cheap, good tulips...)

Maurice Hilarius maurice@harddata.com
Fri Jan 8 17:53:04 1999

With regards to your message at 09:10 AM 01-08-99 -0700, Al Youngwerth.
Where you stated:
>I've been following this thread from a distance until now. My company has
<<<<big snip>>>>
>Disclaimer: I do not work for Wisecom, never have, don't own their stock,
>etc. I do stand to benefit here other than having a good supply of ethernet
>cards. My company does not resell Wisecom cards alone either.
>Vick's email address is vick@wisecominc.com. I'll give Vick a call next
>week and see what he has to say.
>Al Youngwerth

This is all fine and well, Al, and friends here on the list.
Reality check time:
Intel bought DECs Hudson, N.Y. fab plant, where the tulips were/are made.
They don't make the 21140 any more. They DO make the more expensive 21143PC

It is not a case of Wisecom, or anyone else (Dlink, NetGear, Kingston, etc)
deciding to stop making 21140 based cards, but more a matter of not being
able to buy the chips any more..

So, to make a long story short, we are all chasing the remaining
inventories of tulip 21140 chips, on whatever boards they happen to live in..
After they are gone, learn to like something else...

Just my $0.02 worth.

Best regards,

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