Switching between 10Mb and 100Mb...again

Mike mbarr@osicom.com
Tue Jan 5 16:03:21 1999


	I posted a message a week or so ago,
and noone answered.  Probably because I didn't 
give enough info.  I have a card with a 21140A
and will not switch between 10Mbs or 100Mbs
modes, unless I bring the interface down, switch
networks, then bring it back up.

	There are no other problems, the card
works fine in either speed setting.  I just am
unable to switch between 10Mbs and 100Mbs without
bringing the interface down.

	I had to write a new Media Description
table to get this much to happen.  Previously
I had to reboot to switch media.

Any ideas or answers or anything would be greatly

The card by the way is an RNS2300 (Rockwell 
Networking Systems).

Mike B.