Steven N. Hirsch shirsch@adelphia.net
Sun Jan 3 16:06:11 1999

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Peter Green wrote:

> > So, back to square one.  Anyone know where I can mailorder a PCI 10/100
> > ethernet card with a real Tulip chipset?
> www.buypcparts.com lists a Wisecom PCI 10/100 as being a part of their
> inventory. I have never purchased from them, nor do I know anything about
> them. I just did a quick search on www.pricewatch.com for Wisecom, and
> this is what I found.

I looked at their Web site.  These jokers advertise the cards at $26.00 -
great.  When you proceed to the secure order page, you're informed that
their minimum shipping charge is $19.00 (not indicated whether it's
per-order) when sent by UPS Ground service. 

This speaks for itself, I venture to say.  Still, thanks for the pointer!