alex alex@crawfish.suba.com
Sun Jan 3 14:36:06 1999

> Ok, after Mark Martin was kind enough to post Wisecom's web site, I tried
> to grab a data sheet from it.  No joy, as the link is broken.  So, I next
> tried the two retailers listed.  Again, no luck.  Neither one will admit
> to carrying their network cards.
> So, back to square one.  Anyone know where I can mailorder a PCI 10/100
> ethernet card with a real Tulip chipset?

Pricewatch lists a site (http://www.buypcparts.com/) that seems to
have them, but their shipping charges are outrageous.  The cards are
only $26, and they want $19 to ship them.  What's more, if you buy
several, you pay shipping on each card.  At least that's what the web
site seems to suggest if you fill out an order.

I couldn't find a data sheet either, which made me a little wary of
buying the card.