Install Problem w/RedHat 5.2

Farney, Robert C.
Mon Aug 23 16:59:07 1999

Hi Don,

    This is Bob Farney from Fort Rucker, Alabama (Home of Army Aviation).  I
am having trouble installing the Tulip driver for an SMC card in a Gateway
Pentium II (PCI) that I in fact know works in that computer.  

This facet of Linux is still new to me.  Would it be possible to obtain
telephone assistance from you again.  I don't know if you recall I talked
with you several months back regarding PCMCIA cards being installed in an
IBM 770X laptop for a simulation called Modsaf.  This would be greatly
appreciated.  What have I done so far you may be asking yourself:

       1.  I down loaded the tulip driver that I believe you created
       2.  I modified the Kernel to add all the possible SMC Ethernet cards
that were available.
       3.  I tried to compile the driver, but that is a new area to me and I
may not be doing this correctly.  
       4.  If you look on this request favorably I could call you at your

     Again Don, thanks in advance..

Bob Farney
Computer Specialist