ANA-6944A/TX (!) + AMIBIOS + linux-2.1.122; 3/4 success!

Herbert Rosmanith
Wed Sep 30 00:24:36 1998

> > 	eth0: Checking for MII transceivers... 
> > 	eth0: ***WARNING***: No MII transceiver found! 
> Errrm, what does 'mii-diag' report?  I'm wondering why the transceivers were
> not found...

that's what happened to me, too. I suggested to set the unused bits
of CSR15 to 1 (outl(inl (CSR159 & ~0x80...???), I don't remember anymore),
beforce accessing the MII, which worked for our ANA6911A/TXC, but others
reported it did *not* work for them :-(