ANA-6944A/TX (!) + AMIBIOS + linux-2.1.122; 3/4 success!

Donald Becker
Tue Sep 29 22:42:35 1998

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, John Kennedy wrote:

> Subject: Re: ANA-6944A/TX (!) + AMIBIOS + linux-2.1.122; 3/4 success!

This board should work: I have (likely an older version) ten in a Beowulf

>   Ok, I got home.  Compiled tulip.c with REVERSE_PROBE_ORDER defined
> and the thing started behaving in a more more predictable fashion.
> Now I'm having problems with eth3 (see below), but eth2 seems fine and
> pretty soon I'm going to check out eth1.  Now eth0 is the one that is
> easily working (since the order is now reversed).
> 	eth3: Something Wicked happened! 8001ffff. 
> 	eth3: The transmitter stopped!  CSR5 is 800f7ba, CSR6 ffffffff. 

Those are *really* unusual values.  Something is horribly broken.

>   For comparison, the startup syslog now looks like this:
> 	tulip.c:v0.89K 8/8/98 
> 	eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip at 0xf800, 00 00 d1 1b 6d 41, IRQ 11. 
> 	eth0: Checking for MII transceivers... 
> 	eth0: ***WARNING***: No MII transceiver found! 

Errrm, what does 'mii-diag' report?  I'm wondering why the transceivers were
not found...

>   Is there any way to test the bus-mastering ability of that slot?  Both
> work, at least for one port.  Right now 9644A seems a little bit slower
> than the 3c905 I had in there before, but I don't have hard timing data.

If the card can send anything at all, it's in a bus-master slot.
It's still possible that the bus bridge is misconfigured in a way that hurts
performance, but the driver has no control over that.

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