Problem with Adaptec 4-port fast Ethernet in AlphaPC

Donald Becker
Sat Sep 19 14:39:12 1998

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 wrote:

> > The 21143 chip must be enabled by a write to the power control register in
> > PCI config space -- that migth be what you are seeing.
> Actually, I was seeing *3* registers having the WRITE problem (other didn't);
> and it was the de4x5.c driver that I was using at the time. The operations
> were all BYTE WRITEs, at offsets 0x0D, 0x43, and 0x3C, IIRC...

  0x0D   PCI latency timer, which must be rewritten if too low
  0x43	 The 21143 power-down register, which must be written to turn the
          chip on  (*only* on the 21143).
  0x3C	 Interrupt line -- this register is often (almost always!) set wrong
         by Intel machine's PCI-BIOSes.  My driver ignores it on multiport
	 cards, but the de45x driver might overwrite it.

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