A problem about the dec21143PA(ML6692)

Trevor zjtao@nudt.edu.cn
Wed Sep 16 20:27:29 1998

    I am a network programmer,I am develop a driver in Digital Unix for
DEC21143PA(PHY layer Chip is MicroLinear 6692),for my card can't work
in Digital's original driver.
   All the source code I can get  Linux's tulip.c and de4x5.c,so I write

the driver according to these two drivers, but it can't work.The
status register (CSR5) always report the "target abort" bus error,I
modified the value of CFLT, but have no effect.
   I used my card in Linux, the tulip.c can't drive it ,but de4x5.c can
drive it 10Mb mode,but can't drive it in the MII100M mode.But when
I  used my card in Win95,it worked well not only 10mb but also
100mb .
   Anybody who know how to solve these problems ,please tell me .
Thank you.