The detection method of 10M/100M and usage of setup_frame

Han Ji Woong
Wed Sep 16 15:45:56 1998

Hi Dear.

My name is Han Ji Woong.
I work at Daewoo Telecom in Korea. My Job is a development of ethernet
chip driver program. So, I am implementing the device driver program for
In implementing( Sorry, I can't write(listen) English very well), I have
some questions.
First, how can I detect the 10M or 100M bps ? Is there any bit in
DEC21140 chip?
         How can I autodetect?

Second, What is the role of setup-frame ?

We use the vxWokrs TCP/IP source. So, tulip.c of linux differ from our
coding method.
If you have the source code of tulip based on vxWorks TCP/IP, Please
send me the source code.(I know that it is impossible, but ,but....)
Tulip.c for linux is very difficult to me.

I wish that you understand my question and send me your answer.

Best Regard, J.W. Han.