Does Tulip driver works with SYM PHY (QS6611)?

Mike Sin
Fri Sep 11 22:13:55 1998

I have a no brand 21143 / QS6611 NIC. I am using Slackware 2.0.35 and
tulip v.89h driver.

I just getting complain from tulip that it is "No MII transceiver
found"during boot up.

The EEPROM content indicates that it has 10baseT Serial PHY and
100baseTx SYM PHY.

However, I can't get this card to run it in 10baseT mode (RJ-45

1. Does 21143 can do 10BaseT by itself (SIA) and thru QS6611? If yes,
how can I tell the RJ-45 is driven by which chip?
2. If the RJ-45 connector is hooked to the QS6611, does it mean that the
driver must config and communicate with the QS6611 by SYM i/f even for
3. If I have to drive QS6611 with SYM i/f for 10baseT, does Tulip.c
support it? How can I activate it?
4. If not, can anybody suggest which part(s) in tulip.c that I should
modify it myself?

Thank you

Michael Sin