Multiport cards?

Stephen Mills
Thu Nov 19 18:33:17 1998

My company distribute compex FL100TX's, and I got the DEC21143PD to work
under .90 driver. (wouldnt work under 0.8xx drivers)

(Although I can't get the Fl100TX 21143PA to work with any driver at

Stephen Mills.

ps. i wrote up a webpage about my problem with pictures ect that you can
still checkout if your

>> I also know, that Compex has some four port adapters (FL400TX) on the
>> and Compex should be less pricey, but I don't know much more about these
>> cards (ie. if they are supported in Linux - I know FL100TX are, so
>> maybe...).
>I have an FL100TX card and I've NEVER gotten it to work in Linux with ANY
>Don Gray