Raw ethernet help

Russell Nelson nelson@crynwr.com
Wed Nov 11 13:51:30 1998

Jim Anderson writes:
 > Looking for some help/information.
 > I am using an Adaptec Cogent Quartet Series board with Redhat Linux 5.1
 > (using the tulip driver).  I want to use one port ("eth0") to talk
 > sockets and run x-terms etc.  The other 3-ports are going to be
 > connected to dedicated devices which talk raw ethernet (i.e send/receive
 > ethernet frames).  I have attempted to use the code below, plugging in
 > the correct device name.  I get the correct ethernet hardware address,
 > but am having problems with the get.  It receives data destined for all
 > 4 devices.

Hrm.  That code looks familiar.  I didn't include support for multiple
Ethernet adapters in it.  In my application, I only cared about a
single Ethernet.  It must be possible to distinguish on receive, but
off top of my head I don't know how to do it.

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