SMP+Tulip lockup, 2.0.36pre15, help requested

Jon Lewis
Thu Nov 5 03:17:10 1998

On 4 Nov 1998, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:

>  patl> Perhaps relevant, perhaps not: The SCSI controller and the Netgear
>  patl> card are sharing IRQ 10.
>  kaz> That's crazy! Why do you do that?
> The BIOS assigned it that way "automatically".  We have not observed
> any performance impact, but we have not benchmarked it, either; would
> you expect this to make a noticeable difference?

He probably asks because most of the Linux SCSI drivers will not share an
IRQ with a network card unless you hack the source.  What SCSI card do you of the aic7xxx family?  I think that's the only one that plays
nice with network cards sharing the same IRQ.

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