Point-to-point networking

Chris Faherty chrisf@america.com
Wed Nov 4 11:28:11 1998

"David R. Kohel" <kohel@math.nus.edu.sg> wrote on 11/4/98 9:58 pm:

<<I might mention that when I plug the LinkSys card into the hub, the green light goes on, but connecting to the DEC, it stays off :-).  [ The other points don't have nice red and green lights. ]>>

You need a cross-over cable.  On one of the ends of your cable, swap pins 1 & 3 and also pins 2 & 6.  Maybe the stores have them pre-made.  Also you should try and force one or both cards into the desired mode so that they don't have to chicken-n-egg guess the capability of one another.

BTW, the cesdis page has the module options.  I use 19 for full-dup 100BT.  And keep in mind the card FD LEDs may be incorrect.


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