Netgear FA 310 TX and lights

Jorg B.
Mon Jul 27 11:35:17 1998

Is there anybody out there that uses the Netgear FA 310 TX Network card at
Full Duplex ?
I'm running Linux 2.0.35 with the 0.89H tulip.c driver....
I'm forcing 100BaseT-FD by setting the "static int options[MAX_UNITS]={5, };".
The 100M light on the back of the card is lit, but the FD light is always
off. The NIC is connected to a Cisco Catalyst 1900 Switch witch is set to
100BaseT-FD on two ports.
So anyway, is this a known problem that the Full Duplex light doesn't go on
? How can I tell if the card is using Full Duplex ?

Donald, any ideas ?

Jorg B.