Fri Jul 24 18:13:26 1998

There are still problems with mediadetection.

Recently i was able to get the NIC of the hitachi laptop working.
( htttp:// )
I am connected to a nbase 2032 switcth doing  10/100 FD and everything is fine.

i get:
  MII monitoring tick: CSR12 c6, MII status 782d, Link partner report 01e1.
  Setting full-duplex based on MII Xcvr #17 parter capability of 01e1.

This seems just fine, though i dont know what 01e1 means or where to find
documentation for this.

Now the problem which has also been reported to me by other users trying
the setup i described on my webpage:
When connected to a nbase 10 switch doing only 10 Mbps i can receive no
packages, but i can send them.

i get 

eth0: MII monitoring tick: CSR12 c6, MII status 782d, Link partner report 0021.
(no next line saying something about setting anything :-( )


- Is there a way to set the mediatype fixed ?
i tried tulip_diag -f -A 10baseTx without success.

- I am using tulip 0.83, which is the only version of tulip that i can
compile with 2.1.107. I need 2.1.107 because it adresses some pci quirks
So is there a way to get a more recent tulip driver with better
mediadetection compiled with a 2.1 kernel ?

-Are there any options i should put in /etc/conf.modules ?

- Actualy i never wanted to get that deep into the intrinsics of
networkdrivers, but here i am asking where i can find some more
documentation. ;-)
Especialy what "status 782d" and  "report 0021" means.


gruss tom roth